9 Ways to Make Your Skin Glow

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Since creating the R Devine Skin Care line, the biggest compliment that I receive from people is how nice my skin is.  Everyone wants to know how I achieve such an even skin tone with a beautiful glow. While I’d like to give full credit to my R Devine Skin Care products, there’s a lot more to my glowing skin than just the skin care products that I use.

Because healthy skin does involve so much more than just your topical skin care routine, I thought it would be a good idea share my secrets with you, so that you can have glowing skin as well.

Stay Hydrated

Hydrated skin looks so much healthier, even-toned and supple. Did you know that it’s a myth that you can hydrate your skin externally?  It’s true.  You can temporarily hydrate your skin from the outside, but your skin cells do not absorb water in order to get hydration.  Think aboutSkin Benefits of Cucumber and Lemon Water it, if your skin absorbed water, you’d blow up like a balloon every time it rained or each time you showered.  The only way to truly hydrate your skin is by drinking water internally.  Water helps to clear toxins from the body, and helps transport essential nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells.

Our skin also naturally contains hyaluronic acid.  Each hyaluronic acid molecule holds up to one thousand times its weight in water.  When you are properly hydrated, the hyaluronic acid in your skin will hold the water, hydrating your skin and reducing the signs of premature aging.

If you’re not a big fan of drinking water, try adding fruit or vegetables to it, like lemon, berries or cucumber.  Herbal tea that does not contain caffeine is also a great way to get hydrated, and you also reap the benefits of these wonderful additions.

Take your Probiotics

A lot of skin problems occur from excess toxins or unhealthy flora in the gut.  Over the last several years, since processed food has become more widely available, I have noticed a large increase in the amount of rosacea and adult acne cases that I see. Putting unnatural, synthetically processed foods into your body causes your body to react negatively.  In order to stay healthy, our bodies need to be fed natural ingredients that only nature provides. By eating synthetically made food, toxins and unhealthy flora build up in your gut and intestines.  An unhealthy gut leads to unhealthy skin.

“Your gut is made up of trillions of bacteria that affect your overall health. An overwhelming presence of bad bacteria can lead to numerous health issues from a slow metabolism all the away to more serious issues like Crohn’s disease and Candida yeast overgrowth. Probiotics will help you overcome these issues by providing balance to your gut which will help solve many of skin and health issues.” – Silver Fern Brand

Exfoliate Weekly

The life cycle of a skin cell is 28 days.  On the day that a skin cell is produced, it starts to move its way up to the surface of the skin.  As it reaches the surface of the skin, the skin cell dies, and should naturally slough off once it reaches the surface.  However, not everyone’s skin cells slough off as they are meant to. This is especially true as we age.

When dead skin cells start to build up on the surface of the skin, skin becomes very dull and the texture of your skin can look rough and bumpy.  Exfoliating weekly helps to remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, causing your skin to be much smoother and brighter looking.  For exfoliating, I recommend our Sacred Botanicals: Hibiscus Facial Exfoliant.

For more information on exfoliation, please read my recent blog post: Why You Should Never Skip Exfoliation in Your Skin Care Routine


My entire life, I’ve always loved my sleep.  When I’m sleep deprived, I notice a huge difference in both my skin and my emotional health.  There’s a reason why sleep is often referred to as beauty sleep.

Our skin and body repair themselves when we sleep.  Skin cells regenerate, circulation improves and oxygen flow increases. Lack of sleep lowers circulation and oxygen flow within the body.  Poor circulation and decreased oxygen flow lead to pale, washed out skin, and dark circles under the eyes.

Fall in Love with Facial Oils (even if you have acne)

Facial oils are more concentrated than cream or lotions, so you only need a tiny amount each day to see results.  Personally, I haven’t used a traditional skin moisturizer since before launching the R Devine Skin Care line.  I only use oils to moisturize my skin. Certain organic oils, such as jojoba oil and hemp seed oil, closely mimic our skins natural oils, helping the skin to balance out, and encouraging the skin to function properly.Organic Facial Oil R Devine Skin Care

Oils also contain smaller molecules than water-based creams and lotions.  When you apply oil to the skin, these smaller molecules can actually dive deeper into the skin, treating lower layers of skin cells, and in turn, making them much healthier as they reach the visible surface of the skin.

R Devine Skin Care has two different facial oils and an oil-based beauty balm. Sacred Calm works wonders for all skin types, including the most sensitive skin conditions, such as rosacea.  Sacred Balance is a really effective astringent facial oil, ideal for oily and acne-prone skin types.  Sacred Glow is a beautiful oil-based beauty balm that is ideal for people with dry, mature skin whose skin needs a little more moisture than an oil may provide.

Wash Your Face EVERY Night

In our busy, fast-paced, modern lives, I understand what a chore it is some nights when you just want to get some sleep, to have to wash your face.  Throughout the day dirt, pollution and bacteria accumulate on the skin.  Knowing that your skin repairs itself while you sleep, it’s vital to clean your skin of these contaminents and feed it nourishing ingredients to aid and encourage that healthy function while you sleep.

For those of you who wear makeup, it’s even more important that you wash your face EVERY night.  Leaving makeup on while you sleep can clog your pores, cause dryness and flakiness, and also lead to bumpy rashes around the eye area and even eye infections for those with sensitive eyes.

Reduce Stress

Easier said than done, I know! Stress is the number one cause of adult acne.  It’s also one of the main reasons for sleep deprivation.  Meditation and Skin Care R Devine Skin CareI’m sure those of you who suffer from skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis notice that your skin gets worse during periods of stress. When you experience stress, your body produces cortisol and other hormones, which activate your oil glands, producing more oil. Unfortunately, these skin conditions end up causing more stress, as they negatively impact your self esteem.  It becomes a very vicious cycle.

Reducing stress as much as possible is really important for healthy skin.  Exercise, plenty of sleep, downtime, deep-breathing exercises and meditation are all great ways to help reduce stress.

Apply Sunscreen Daily

The sun is the number one enemy of the skin and the main cause of premature aging.  In fact, 80% of the sun damage that occurs within our skin happens before we reach the age of 18.  In order to protect our skin from further damage, it is vital to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.

When searching for sunscreen, make sure to look for zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (in cream form, not powder) as the active ingredients.  These two ingredients are the only safe active sunscreen ingredients.  Other active ingredients found in conventional brand sunscreens can be toxic and carcinogenic.

For more information on safe sunscreen and sun protection, check our the Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Sunscreen.

Eat Your Fruit and Veggies

Eating a healthy diet, full of fruits and vegetables, provides your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients that your skin loves. Fruits and Vegetables and skin care R Devine Skin Care Vitamin C is especially wonderful for the skin.  Vitamin C reduces inflammation and irritation, and also boosts collagen production within the skin, slowing down the signs of premature aging.

Eating fruits that are high in antioxidants also really benefit the skin. Antioxidants protect the skin by limiting the production of free radical damage, which can damage skin cells. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants can improve your health and the appearance of your skin.


About Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is an award-winning holistic aesthetician and the founder of R Devine Skin Care. She strongly believes in the importance of self care, self love, and taking a full holistic approach to skin care - taking care of yourself from both the inside and out. Rachel is a wife, a mom to two cuties and loves spending time out in nature.