R Devine Organic Skin Care

Improving Skin Health from the Inside-Out

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R Devine Organic Skin Care is a holistic skin care studio located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Using advanced massage techniques and plant-based skin care products that are made inside of my skin care studio, I work to stimulate your skin from the inside out, giving you healthy, radiantly glowing skin from within.


By reading through my facial offerings and experiencing my facial treatments, you will see that the facial treatments that I offer are completely different from any conventional facial treatment that you have experienced before.

I have spent the past several years of my career studying the skin from an internal, whole body, holistic approach. Having training and certifications in organic skin care formulations, several advanced facial and neck massage techniques and holistic modalities, my focus is to stimulate your skins natural processes in order to encourage it to function on its own optimally, creating healthy, clear, radiant skin that will age gracefully without the need for any trendy, unnatural skin care techniques.

The human body is extremely intricate and is designed to always strive for perfect balance within. However, stress, diet, lack of movement, and poor sleeping habits can dramatically interrupt this innate ability.

External vs Internal Skin Care

The skin is our largest organ, enveloping our entire body, protecting it from the external world, while also helping to regulate our body temperature. Because it is our shield from the external world, the beauty industry misleads us by making us believe that healthy skin comes solely from topical products, but this way of marketing couldn’t be further from the truth.

When you look at the above diagram of the skin, you can see how intricate the skin actually is. And far beyond this diagram, every single system in the body communicates with this delicate organ and vice versa. The lymphatic system, circulatory system, nervous system, muscular system… they each play a vital role in skin health (and whole body health).

The Nervous System and Aging

Our nervous system plays one of the biggest roles in skin health and how well (or not well) we age. Most people in our hectic, busy, modern world live in a constant state of stress, deep in fight or flight mode, which is when the sympathetic nervous system is activated. When we live in the sympathetic nervous system, collagen and elastin break down, digestion slows, liver health decreases, adrenaline, cortisol and blood pressure rise, and the body cannot heal or regenerate.

Because of this, skin healing treatments and “anti-aging” treatments should only ever be performed with absolute intentional focus on calming the nervous system, putting you into a deep, meditative state, allowing your parasympathetic system to take over. When you experience deep relaxation, collagen and elastin production are stimulated, tissue and cells regenerate, digestion and liver health improve, adrenaline, cortisol and blood pressure all drop to healthy levels, and the body begins to heal and age gracefully.

When explained this way, you can see and understand why conventional and trendy “anti-aging” treatments that create pain within the body, such as injections and strong peels, would not be ideal treatments for long-term aging because they all activate the sympathetic system – the part of the nervous system that, when overstimulated, will actually accelerate the aging process over time.

R Devine Holistic Facial Treatments

My facial treatments are unparalleled to any other treatment you have likely experienced. My facials are not focused on what you see externally, but rather on what’s occurring underneath the skin. Using advanced massage, and high quality plant-based products, my facials work each layer of the skin to stimulate each system in your entire body. The head is the main control centre of our body, and the face is connected to every single area of our body through the nervous system, creating a deeply healing experience that is performed on the face, but can have healing effects on the entire body as a whole.

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