About R Devine Skin Care

“From the soothing scents of nature’s precious ingredients, to the comforting feeling of completely natural products, R Devine Skin Care creates rituals that you can look forward to using at the end of each and every day. Breathing in and breathing out, these organic skin care products will bring you closer to nature and help you change the way you understand your skin. That is ultimate goal with this organic skin care line.”

Working in the spa industry for so many years, and seeing the fast-paced life of society, I have really learned the importance of proper self-care. Not only is self care vital for the body, but also the mind and soul. I realized the need for an organic skin care line that would incorporate mind, body, earth, and soul together into one daily self-care ritual. I wanted to develop that line myself… an organic skin care line that would be as much of an experience, as it would be an effective skin care regime.

When treating client’s skin, I always used to ask my clients about their home-care regime, and quickly saw how many women saw their cleansing routine as a chore. This shouldn’t be the way. A woman taking care of her own body should be very sacred, enjoyable experience. It should be a self care ritual that she can look forward to at the end of each and every day.

My Promise To You

What you see on the labels of my skin care bottles and in my ingredient lists on this website, is what you get inside each bottle. Unlike conventional beauty products, you will never find any unnatural or synthetic ingredients in any of my products. I have meticulously chosen the highest-quality, raw, unrefined, organic ingredients available from nature, and have combined those ingredients together to create healthy, effective, results-driven skin care products. Every single ingredient in these products come straight from Mother Nature herself.

Each skin care product you receive is hand-crafted with love from me, inside my studio. You can feel confident in my products, knowing that it is just me choosing each individual ingredient, and hand-crafting every small batch of organic skin care, all made fresh to order.

My Promise To Mother Nature

I care very much about our Earth and I want our Earth to be a better place for my children, your children and our grandchildren. Our care for our environment should not just end with the products we use in our homes and the pesticides that are sprayed onto our food. We need to extend that care into everything we do and every product that we use. This is exactly why I only use 100% recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients, making our carbon footprint very low.


Most ingredients are certified organic. Some ingredients, like clay and salt are simply not available as organic.


All ingredients are 100% biodegradable. They are safe to use on your delicate skin, as well as wash down the drain.


Plastic can leak toxins. That's why glass is used to ensure products stay as clean and fresh as the day they're made.


All shipping and packaging materials are 100% recyclable and are often made from already recycled materials.


All of the ingredients that are used in my skin care products are always sourced from ethical, cruelty-free suppliers.

I promise you that R Devine Skin Care is more than just a daily cleansing routine. Instead, these skin care products are daily self care rituals. These unique organic skin care products will change the current way that you think about your skin!

Why Natural and Organic?

One hundred years ago, everything was raw and organic. There weren’t many, if any, artificial ingredients in our diets or our beauty products. Today, the majority of the beauty industry contains needless synthetic ingredients and unnatural preservatives. Some of these ingredients have been found, in high amounts, to be toxic to the human body. Filling our bodies with toxic ingredients only leaves us more susceptible to disease.

We would not want to eat toxins, right? So, why do we put toxins onto our body’s largest organ, our delicate skin? Most of what we put onto our skin goes straight through our skin and into our bloodstream. We should only ever apply ingredients to our skin that are safe to ingest. Just as the food that we choose to consume is important for our health, so are the skin care products that we put onto our skin.

Because of this, Rachel does not use any artificial or synthetic ingredients, fragrances, parabens, foaming agents, such as sulfates, GMOs, carcinogens, hormone disruptors or any other harmful, toxic chemicals.

All of the ingredients used in R Devine Skin Care are what make this line so effective. R Devine Skin Care’s ingredients come from all over the world, straight from Mother Nature herself. There are no hidden ingredients, no secrets – just pure, 100% natural, truly organic earth.


The long-term efficacy of these ingredients exceeds conventional, commercial-branded products.

Synthetic ingredients force your skin to act in unnatural ways. While this may appear effective at first, eventually, your skin will begin to fight back, resulting in premature aging or skin inflammation, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea.

When you treat your skin with nature’s pure, organic ingredients, your body will recognize them. The human body functions best when we eat a healthy diet and it’s vital to skin health that we use those same ingredients to treat our delicate skin.

Our Ingredients

Every single ingredient used is listed on this website and on the label of each individual product. I do not hide any of my ingredients. Truly organic skin care is 100% natural, and I won’t settle for anything less than that.