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Are you an aesthetician and/or spa owner looking for a professional holistic skin care line?

“I created R Devine Organic Skin Care to fill a void within the Canadian Spa industry.  When I decided to switch from being a conventional aesthetician to a holistic aesthetician, I had a lot of trouble, at the time, finding a truly 100% natural, holistic skin care line that would cater to my small spa business.  The only holistic lines that I could find either wanted $5000 for an opening order, or weren’t catering exclusively to the spa industry.  As an aesthetician who worked alone, I found this frustrating.  I wanted to fill this void and create a professional spa brand that would cater to small spas and aestheticians who work from home.  So, in 2013 I went back to school, took advanced courses on holistic skin care and also took courses to learn how to make professional, effective organic skin care formulations.  Two years later, I launched R Devine Skin Care.” – Rachel Devine, founder of R Devine Skin Care

Why Choose Holistic Skin Care

Conventional skin care products take a bandaid approach, treating the skin using synthetic ingredients to treat the skin in unnatural ways.  When you force the skin to act in unnatural ways, the skin will become sensitized and eventually begin to fight back.  This fight shows itself through acne, rosacea, and dermatitis.

Not only is it unnatural to treat the skin this way, but a lot of these synthetic ingredients that are used in conventional products are being found to be carcinogens, hormone disruptors and neurotoxins.  While we have a very strict responsibility to protect our clients, we also have the responsibility to protect ourselves? Who touches these chemical-filled products more time a day than we do as aestheticians?  There is no need for any of us to be using unhealthy, toxic products.  We deserve better than that and so do our clients.

R Devine Skin Care is 100% completely natural and treats the skin from a holistic approach, encouraging the skin to function it’s meant to, rather than forcing the skin to act in unnatural ways like conventional products do.  When you treat the skin from a holistic approach, your clients will have better, more successful, long-term results with their skin.

Partnering with R Devine Organic Skin Care

When you decide to carry R Devine Skin Care in your spa business, you will receive:

  • Wholesale pricing on our retail size products
  • Affordable minimum requirements tailored to small businesses and solo aestheticians
  • Professional size back bar products
  • Marketing materials and product samples to increase your retail sales
  • A full digital training manual
  • Full training for you and your staff performed by Rachel once your opening order has been received
  • Access to our spa partner website that includes advanced training videos, PDF’s, client printables, skin care tips and business advice (coming soon)
  • Unlimited support from Rachel

If you are interested in partnering with us, please email us at

Testimonials from Current Spa Partners

“I’ve gotten to know Rachel quite well over the past few years. I met her shortly after high school when I was still trying to decide what I wanted to do with my career. I went to her for a spa service one day and her customer service blew me away. Since that day she welcomed me into her home business, she has been such an inspiration. I fell in love with the health and beauty industry and decided to become an esthetician. Ever since I graduated, Rachel has been by my side and has mentored me along the way. I now have a successful home business of my own, and I couldn’t thank her enough for the love and support she’s shown me. I’ve carried her skin care line for about a year now, and working with her has been great! She is so knowledgable, professional and I’ve never met someone who works so hard. She is there for you if you have a question (or ten!). I feel safe and at ease knowing her product line is all natural, Holistic and certified organic ingredients that I’m using on my skin and on my clients. Rachel is also great when it comes to filling orders and making sure they’re ready for pick up/shipping in such a timely manner – it’s like she’s Superwoman! I don’t know how she does it! I am honoured to hold R Devine Skin Care in my spa and work with such an incredible woman!” – owner of Esthetics by Nikki

“I started working with Rachel almost a year ago and it has been an incredible journey so far. I tried her products at home for a few months first hoping I’d finally found a line that could help with the adult acne I’d suffered from for years. I had tried so many other products that would help for a little but in the end the acne always reappeared. Well I was over the moon and continue to be impressed by her products and her drive to keep me updated and informed on the business end. I feel like she truly cares about my business and strives to help me succeed. Today I am in love with my skin and am totally stress free knowing the product isn’t harming me or my clients in any way.” – Lindsey Clinch – owner of Serenity Aesthetics by Lindsey

“Due to a steady demand for an all natural skin care line by my customers, I was fortunate enough to be able to bring in R Devine Skin Care to my beauty supply store. I started using the line myself shortly after we started carrying it over a year ago and fell in love with it. I use it exclusively. My skin is mature and combination oily/dry. Her skin care balances it all out, reduced the size of my pores, and has evened out my skin tone as well. It has definitely improved the look and feel of my neck and chest where I was really starting to notice signs of aging over a year ago. I can’t tell you how much that has improved!! In less than a year her line has been selling at the same pace as our other skin care line which has been established for years. Word is really getting around and so many customer are returning customers that are happy to have found something that not only works but is all natural! Rachel herself, is extremely knowledgable and very helpful with any questions I or my customers have. She provides plenty of educational information as well as helpful tips for professional aestheticians and new retail customers. Her promotional material is gorgeous and reflects her honest, natural, and minimalistic style…truly beautiful! I am proud to be a stockist for R Devine Skin Care!” – Deborah Andrisevich- owner of Mountain Beauty and Esthetic Supply