DIY Facial For All Skin Types

I do not know anyone who does not enjoy a good professional facial treatment, and the benefits of them are truly amazing, but in reality, not everyone is able to get a facial as often as they’d like to.  Because of this, I have created a DIY Facial using R Devine Skin Care products so that you can enjoy the radiant benefits of a weekly facial.

I give myself a DIY facial every week.  Sunday is my self-care day, so every Sunday night, after I put my little ones to bed, I give myself a DIY facial.  My DIY facial smooths, brightens and moisturizes my skin, creating healthier skin that I can always feel good about.

For all of my R Devine Skin Care ritualists out there, I want to teach you how to perform your own DIY Facial using your R Devine Skin Care products, so that you can continuously improve the look and health of your skin.

Allow yourself about 30 – 45 minutes to perform this DIY facial.

DIY Facial using R Devine Skin Care

  1. Start by removing your eye makeup using Sacred Garden: Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser.  Place a few drops on your fingertips and massage onto your eye to loosen your makeup.  Remove with a cotton pad or face cloth.
  2. Wash your face using either Sacred Garden or Sacred Calm (which ever one you have and prefer – both are great for all skin types).  Always wash your face for approximately 60 seconds to get a good, deep cleanse, and to allow your skin to get the benefits of the ingredients within the cleanser.  Be sure to massage your entire face and neck and apply a bit of pressure to get your circulation flowing.  Remove cleanser with a warm, damp cloth.
  3. Next you are going to exfoliate your skin using Sacred Botanicals: Hibiscus Facial Exfoliant.  Apply a heaping tablespoon into your hand and apply drops on warm water to it until you get a nice pinkish-purple paste.  Sacred Botanicals is an exfoliant, so it will feel grainy.  Apply mixture to your face and neck and massage into your skin for 30-60 seconds.  Exfoliating removes the top layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, creating smoother, healthier, brighter skin.  Rinse with warm water.
  4. Now you are going to give your face a little massage, using either Sacred Garden, Sacred Calm or Sacred Balance (whichever product you have).  Apply a generous amount into your palm and apply all over your entire face and neck.  To perform the massage, deeply massage your face in circular, upwards motions.  You can’t really do this wrong, so just do whatever feels good, if you are unsure.  Just remember to always work against gravity, by lifting the skin, rather than pulling it down.  Massaging the skin increases circulation, which helps to brighten the skin, and also gets the lymphatic system moving, which is the drainage system of the body.  Massage your skin for several minutes.  Once the massage is over, there is no need to remove the oil.
  5. Apply 1 tsp of Radiant Soul Brightening Facial Mask to your face and neck.  Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water.
  6. Apply one drop of Bright Soul: Hydrating Eye Serum to your eyes (top and bottom).
  7. Depending on your skin type, apply a small amount of Sacred Calm (for all skin types), Sacred Balance (for oily and acne-prone skin), or Sacred Glow (for dry, mature skin)

Enjoy the radiant glow!


About Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is a multi award-winning holistic aesthetician and the founder and skin care formulator of R Devine Organic Skin Care.