Dry + Mature Skin

Before we begin talking about dry skin, it is important to understand what dry skin is.  Dry skin is a skin type that is lacking oil in the skin.  A lot of people often confuse dehydrated skin as dry skin.  Dehydrated skin lacks water or moisture, which is a temporary skin condition that can be found in any skin type (including acne-prone).  Dry skin is a skin type.  Understanding the different between these two can help you take the appropriate care for your skin.

How to Take Care of Dry + Mature Skin

You will not ever hear me say or read the term “anti-aging’ anywhere on my website or on my products.  I don’t believe in this term.  We all age – it is a part of life, and there’s absolutely no way of preventing it.  What we need to focus on is ‘pro-aging’, where we take good care of ourselves in order to age gracefully.  Taking good care of ourselves includes both internal (through a healthy, well-balance diet) and external care (good quality, effective skin care).  When we combine internal and external health together, we can age gracefully and feel good about it.

When treating dry skin, it is important to use high-quality, organic plant oils.  As we begin to age, the oil production in our skin starts to slow down.  As the amount of oil in our skin decreases, fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear.  Using a high-quality facial oil cleanser and serum, that are formulated with oils that closely mimic the skin’s natural oils, feeds out skin with the oils that our skin is lacking.  Raw, unrefined plant oils are also extremely high in vitamins and essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that nourish our skin and encourage it to be healthier.

Also as we age, collagen and elastin production begin to decrease and so does the naturally-occurring hyaluronic acid within the body. When formulating R Devine Skin Care, I meticulously chose ingredients that would encourage the skin to age gracefully.  When combined, these organic ingredients effectively cleanse the skin, nourish the skin cells with vital nutrients, stimulate cell oxygenation, and boost natural elastin and collagen production, all while ensuring optimal levels of hydration so that the skin functions optimally.

Recommended R Devine Skin Care Ritual for Dry + Mature Skin

Morning Ritual:

  • Wash your face with Sacred Garden. Remove with a warm, damp face cloth or cotton pad.
  • Apply one drop of Bright Soul Hydrating Eye Serum to each eye.
  • Apply 3-10 drops of Sacred Light Antioxidant Serum to damp skin on face and neck. Tip: This is a fast-absorbing oil. It should be completely absorbed into your skin after 5-10 minutes. If after this time passes, your skin feels oily, try using less oil, and vice versa if your skin feels tight.

Evening Ritual:

Weekly Ritual: