How To Improve Your Skin Care Experience

Being an aesthetician, there’s one thing that I’ve always noticed. In the 14 years that I worked providing spa services, this one aspect never changed or improved for clients until learning this little secret.  That aspect is the way you see your skin care routine…

Most people wash their face at night and think of it as a chore.  They don’t allow themselves to get into the moment.  Like every other aspect of the day, our society goes through the motions of most tasks, always trying to rush and get to the next activity.  It’s one of the reasons that mindfulness is so important.

How To Improve Your Skin Care Routine

The next time that you wash your face, I want you to focus on the experience.

Cup your hands up to your nose and inhale the aromas.  Notice how the scents make you feel – the way that it makes your mind and body feel.

As you apply your products, massage your face.  Take deep belly breaths as you manipulate your facial muscles.  This feels really good, and it also increases your circulation allowing your products to penetrate deeper.  Massage also firms your muscles (hello graceful aging).

As you pay attention to this experience, notice how it makes you feel mentally.  Pay attention to more than just how your products make your skin feel.  Notice how you feel overall.

Have you ever noticed when you’ve been sick with the flu, how good it feels when you shower and brush your teeth?  You feel almost a little renewed.  You gain a little extra energy and just that feeling alone makes you feel a bit better.

Well, create your routine every day in order to make you feel renewed each day.  Make your skin care experience enjoyable. Inhale the aromas.  Close your eyes and breath deeply.  Make this a moment in your day where you just take care of you for a moment.  A time where you have no other responsibility in that moment, then just taking care of yourself.

(Bonus points to all of the moms out there who take advantage of this routine during a moment of alone time)

Remember It’s More Than Just Your Face

Another important thing to remember is that your physical self care routine should include more than just your face.  Remember to take care of your body as well… exfoliate and moisturize.

Once a week, I give myself a full body scrub (DIY) from shoulders to toes. This treatment alone is very renewing.  After I treat myself to this (every Sunday), my skin is soft and my confidence in myself improves because I feel good about myself.  Following the body scrub, I coat my entire body in Devine Radiance Moisturizing Body Oil (or when my skin is dry in winter, I use Sacred Nourish Moisturizing Body Balm).

When you practice your skin care routine beyond just the physical side of it, you realize that self care can be a lot simpler and a whole lot more enjoyable when you focus on the experience of it all.


About Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is an award-winning holistic aesthetician and the founder of R Devine Skin Care. She strongly believes in the importance of self care, self love, and taking a full holistic approach to skin care - taking care of yourself from both the inside and out. Rachel is a wife, a mom to two cuties and loves spending time out in nature.