Jojoba Oil: The Skin’s Natural Mimicker

Jojoba oil is a really powerful ingredient from nature that you’ll find in every one of R Devine Skin Care’s oil-based products.

While jojoba is referred to as an oil, Jojoba oil is technically a liquid wax, which is almost identical to our skins natural oil (sebum).  Because of this, jojoba oil makes an excellent, effective ingredient in skin care for all skin types.

Jojoba oil has an odour and is a clear yellowish liquid. Because it is a wax and not an oil, it is non-greasy and is easily absorbable by the skin. It can even penetrate the hair shaft to moisturize your hair.

Jojoba Oil has several benefits for the skin.

Excellent for Aging

Because jojoba oil closely mimics our skins natural oil, it plays the role of acting like sebum and deeply moisturizing the skin when our skins natural oil products slows down as we age.

It Works as a “Soap”

Jojoba oil is a really effective deep cleanser.  Because it’s considered as an oil to most people, a lot of people who are unfamiliar with oil cleansing have trouble grasping how this ingredient could possibly do a good job cleansing the skin.

The molecules in jojoba oil are really small, allowing jojoba oil to penetrate deep into the follicle, cleaning the skin at a much deeper level than almost any other ingredient.

Improves Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

Going back to high school science class, we know that like dissolves like.  When we wash and moisturize the skin with jojoba oil, it goes deep down into the follicles to dissolve excess oil in the skin.  This helps to dislodge clogged pores, oil build up and blackheads from the skin, helping to balance oil production within the skin and prevent further breakouts.

It’s Nourishing

Jojoba contains strong antioxidants, essential fatty acids (omega 6 and 9 acids), Vitamins A, B complex, D, and E, and also contains essential minerals and even iodine, known for its power to heal.

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About Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is an award-winning holistic aesthetician and the founder of R Devine Skin Care. She strongly believes in the importance of self care, self love, and taking a full holistic approach to skin care - taking care of yourself from both the inside and out. Rachel is a wife, a mom to two cuties and loves spending time out in nature.