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Love from Clients

Do you have a story to share about your favourite product from our natural skin care line? We’d love to hear from you!

“Hey Rachel! I’m loving all of the products!!! Less pimples actually.  I wanted to tell you about the Healing Balm.  I cut my finger really badly and it wouldn’t stop bleeding for a day. I decided to put some healing balm on last night and this morning and it has sealed and isn’t even sore. Crazy!!!!!” – Stacey C – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“Hey! Just wanted to give you some feedback. I haven’t seen a brigther, smoother, healthier looking complexion in so long.   My skin feels great.  Wow! I can’t even believe how soft my skin is. I’m nearly in tears because I am so happy with the results right now. I was getting painful cystic acne all over my cheeks and chin.  I couldn’t even look in the mirror some days because I felt just horrible. When I was having really bad days, I wouldn’t even leave the house unless I had no choice.  This line is amazing. Thank you for introducing me to your line. I’m so ridiculously happy i came back and asked you about skin care.” – Jessica W. – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 

“Wow Rachel! Your products are AMAZING! I am in love with Sacred Earth Botanical Cleansing Clay as well as the Sacred Balance. Both leave my skin feeling like it’s never felt before. Naturally clean, is what it is! Thank you so much for the samples – and be sure to put me on your “forever client” list if you have one! You certainly know what you are doing.  I’ll post an Instagram post this weekend declaring my affection for R Devine Skin Care.” – Shannon L – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“As a busy mom of six, I have never been a big “luxury” skin care product user and have always used a basic facial scrub and moisturizer. Sacred Botanicals has left my face feeling more refreshed, smooth and soft than anything I have ever used.  I am already dreading the day I run out of it.  I will definitely be getting more!!” – Amii V – Eckville, Alberta, Ontario

“Love, love your products!  I absolutely love the Sacred Earth Botanical Cleansing Clay + Mask – feels awesome when you rinse it off.  Love the eye serum as well.  I’ll definitely be purchasing more!” – Tricia L – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“I have had acne for several years, and have never found a product that works as well as Sacred Earth. It’s gentle enough to use nightly, and gives your skin the most amazing feeling after rinsing. I love that it doubles as a mask! You feel like you’ve just had a facial at the spa after doing that treatment. My acne is under control, my skin is brighter, and the product smells absolutely amazing! I will forever be purchasing this clay!”Rachel K – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

“As someone who has had a lip balm addiction for many years, Sacred Kiss has pretty much cured me! Even though you will still find a lip balm in any pocket, purse, or bag I own, its more because its just a great product to have on hand. It has protected well from the sun and cold winds with its natural SPF”.Jeannie S – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada




4 comments on “Love Notes for R Devine Skin Care

  1. Rachael,
    I LOVE the clay mask and makeup remover! I like that I can actually open my eyes and not have them burn when removing my mascara, Your products are amazing Just like you:)
    Cannot wait to try the lip balm and tea.

    Chat soon,
    Nickie D

  2. First off I want to touch down on how amazing Rachel Devine is! When I had seen on Instagram that she was giving samples away of her product I was so excited. It doesn’t happen to often that you get the opportunity to try a product before purchasing, she not only allowed me to try 3 of her products but she sent me enough samples to allow me to enjoy them for 3 week.

    She was extremely helpful and kind when it came to finding a product that would work for my skin type and she also gave me some advice about Probiotics that have not only helped my face but have helped my body is many ways.

    I am in love with her Sacred Botanical Clay and her Sacred Botanicals Hibiscus Facial Exfoliant they are the perfect combination 😉 I love the smell, and how amazing my skin feels after each application. I Have also tried her Sacred Kiss which is great for your lips but also to apply to dry skin areas, I have been using it on my hands and my skin has cleared up dramatically!

    I look forward to trying more of her products especially her tea 🙂 Repeat customer right here!!

  3. I started using your products two weeks ago. The last two weeks have made my skin very very happy!
    I purchased a few of your items including the AMAZING Sacred Calm Soothing facial cleanser and serum. After using it for the very first time, it help soothe my skin(especially my cheeks which are usually dry and a bit rosy). The scent helped me feel really relaxed! After getting my eye brows waxed…I used some of this to help relieve the redness and dryness…and it took it away completely!
    Your Bright Soul; hydrating eye serum has helped reduced puffiness and dark area around my eyes.
    I have also used the Sacred Botanicals Hibiscus Facial exfoliant & mask which helped reduce the oily sections (t-zone) and again, the scent of this product was amazing!
    When I use your products…both my daughters and my husband comment on how nice my skin feels and how lovely it smells!!
    Oh…another thing that I can’t wait to use during the winter cold months is the Sacred Kiss:organic lip balm…WOW…what an amazing feeling when applied to the lips, especially before and after going out in the sun!

    It was a pleasure to have met you when I picked up my items…you are lovely and I can’t wait to use the rest of the products!
    Thank you so much Rachel!!! 🙂

  4. Absolutely love my new products from R Devine Skincare. Sacred Earth Botanical Clay is my favourite. My skin has not looked this good in a very long time. Sacred Kiss is great for the lips. The scent is amazing also. Will be a repeat customer!

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