Meet Rachel Devine

Hi! I am Rachel Devine. I am a multi-award-winning holistic aesthetician, organic skin care formulator, founder of R Devine Organic Skin Care and a certified breathwork coach. My passion is helping clients understand their skin from the inside-out, using a whole body approach. I provide you with the holistic tools that you need for full body health and glowing skin.


As a child and well into my teenage years, I suffered with chronic skin inflammation. It was rare to see me with clear skin. I had extremely sensitive, reactive skin and was often covered head to toe in eczema.

I was a very self conscious teenager because of this. I was made fun of at school for having a skin disease” and used to hide my skin from the world as much as I could.

My parents took me to many doctors, allergists, dermatologists, abs skin specialists, but after countless tubes of cortisone creams, antibiotics, and calming lotions, nothing seemed to work.

In my late teens and early twenties, I started mixing up skin masks and scrubs in my parents kitchen. I’d use ingredients like oats, honey, and different oils and slather then in my body. At this point, I discovered these natural ingredients worked far better at soothing my skin than any cream that doctors were giving me. My obsession with clearing up my own skin, led to a passion for skin. I wanted to understand the skin, clear up my own skin, and help others who were experiencing similar skin issues, so I enrolled in the Aesthetics program at Mohawk College.


I graduated from the Aesthetics Program at Mohawk College in 2003, and was working in the spa industry before I even graduated school. In school, I was taught to treat the skin conventionally, meaning that I was taught to use topical skin care products and ingredients to force the skin to act in unnatural ways. This made my own skin react even more, and also made working in the conventional spa industry a very frustrating experience. I would have acne clients come in to see me and I would treat their skin and provide them with the information I was taught in school. This would clear their skin temporarily, but over and over again, I would consistently have those same clients back in my treatment room a few months later with a face full of acne again. I wanted to help these clients, but the way that I was taught wasn’t working in ways that we all wanted it to.

For years, the conventional beauty industry has taught society, and even skin care professionals, that skin health should be achieved through topical products alone, but this can’t be further from the truth. I had first-hand experience seeing this, and experiencing this.

I was determined to get to the bottom of what was causing all of the skin conditions that I was experiencing and seeing in my treatment. I wanted to understand how to treat the root cause of the skin conditions, rather than attempting to force the skin to act in unnatural ways. Forcing the skin to act in unnatural ways only causes the skin to react and fight back.

For several months, I researched ingredients, both natural and synthetic, and would mix fresh ingredients from my kitchen together in my facial treatment room. I had always had the best success with my own skin using natural ingredients, so I was much more drawn to them. After all, we come from nature, so it only made sense to me to treat the skin with nature. We need to treat the skin and body, internally and externally, with ingredients that the body recognizes. When we apply and consume synthetic, fake ingredients, the body’s will call on the immune system to attack those ingredients or “foreign invaders”.

As I learned more and more about the toxic ingredients that make up most of the conventional beauty industry, I started deeply analyzing the products that I had been using. As “natural” as they were marketed to be at the time, I quickly learned that most of the “natural” skin care products on the market, and even the ones that I was using were not anywhere near as natural as they claimed to be.


This experience began my search for a completely natural, organic skin care line, which at the time in Canada, I could not find. After months of research and trying many different product lines, my husband made a joke one day that I might as well just create my own skin care line. Little did he know how serious I would take that joke.

In 2013, I enrolled myself into the Organic Skin Care Formulations course with Formula Botanica. The school was brand new at the time and I was one of the first Canadians to take the course.

In 2015, I launched my full range skin care line, R Devine Organic Skin Care.


After the launch of my skin care line, I felt that my beliefs were m completely different from other aestheticians that I knew, and what I had been taught in my aesthetics program. While most aestheticians are taught to treat the skin externally, I always intuitively knew that true skin health must come from within. After all, our skin is our body’s largest organ, and the layers of the skin go far beyond what we see externally.

I have spent the last several years educating myself through research and several certification programs. These courses include nutrition, advanced massage techniques for the face and neck, breath work, as well as courses on how the inner body works for optimal health. The inner body work courses I have taken mainly focused on the nervous system and lymphatic system, which in my opinion, are the two most important systems for optimal skin health, and the reason I became a certified breathwork coach. The power of breathwork is hugely underestimated when it comes to skin health and overall, full body health, both physically and emotionally.

I provide a completely unique experience at R Devine Organic Skin Care. While skin care products absolutely have their place in a healthy skin care routine, external skin care combined with stimulating the skin’s natural processes from within is what really provides long-term skin health, much more effectively than forcing the skin to act in unnatural ways.

Through experiencing my own healing journey, and all of the education I’ve obtained over the years, I strongly believe in resetting the skin’s natural, biological processes while encouraging the delicate organ that is your skin, to function on its own as its meant to. Combined with the power of self massage, your skin will be the healthiest that it’s ever been before. I promise!


  1. I was born and raised in the same neighbourhood that I live in now.
  2. My husband and I homeschool our two kids. We didn’t always choose this method of learning, but 2020 made us realize that both of our kids really thrive in a self-directed learning style, so we will continue down this path moving forward.
  3. I experienced acne and eczema, as well as some other health issues for many years. It was partly my own healing journey that led me to the holistic path in skin care. Healing my own body taught me so much more than any teacher or course ever did.
  4. I am passionate about helping others and am fortunate enough to have found my soul’s purpose in this life.
  5. Before becoming an Aesthetician, I went to the University of Western Ontario for Psychology. Being a highly sensitive person, I quickly realized this field would not be an ideal career for me.
  6. My favourite thing to do when I am not working is spending time in nature with my family. I love being outdoors!
  7. I have a huge phobia of centipedes.
  8. Our household loves having all day PJ days a couple of times a month. Downtime is vital and something that isn’t promoted enough in this world!
  9. My favourite food to eat is fruit. I eat a pretty strict holistic diet and feel good each day because of it. My body really feels it on days that I don’t eat as well.
  10. I often day dream of moving out to the country, owning a couple of goats and growing my own herbs and vegetables.