Meet Rachel

Hi! I’m Rachel Devine.
I’m an award-winning holistic aesthetician, certified organic skin care formulator, and might be just a little health obsessed (according to my family).

About Me

I graduated from the Aesthetics program at Mohawk College in 2003, and won a bursary in my program for having the highest marks that year.

In 2004, at the age of 22, I started working out of the basement of my parents house. I felt pretty young to be starting up a business, but the way that I wanted to approach skin, the body and self care was completely different than the beliefs of any spa that I could find at the time.

In 2008, my husband (fiancée at the time) and I bought our first house, and I moved my business into our own home. We got married in 2009, had our daughter, Elexas, in 2010, and our son, Brolin, in 2013.

Elexas and Brolin in February 2013

While I always took a natural approach to the spa services that I offered, after having kids, I really started diving deeper into holistic health so that I could be the healthiest version of myself to be as present as possible for my husband and kids.

As I learned more and more about the scary ingredients that go into the skin care industry, I started deeply analyzing the products that I was using within my business. As “natural” as they were marketed to be at the time, I quickly learned that most of the products that I was using we’re not as natural as they claimed to be.

This began my search for a completely natural, holistic skin care line, which at the time in Canada, I could not find. After months of research and trying many different product lines, my husband made a joke one that I might as well create my own skin care line. Little did he know how serious I would take that joke 😉

In 2013, I enrolled myself into the Organic Skin Care Formulations course with Formula Botanica. The school was very new at the time and I was one of the first Canadians to take the course. This program taught me so much about natural skin care and ingredients, and in 2015, I launched my full range skin care line, R Devine Organic Skin Care.

After the launch of my skin care line, I felt that my beliefs were still completely different from other aestheticians that I knew, and what I had be taught in my aesthetics program. While most aestheticians are taught to treat the skin externally, I always intuitively knew that true skin health comes from within. After all, our skin is our body’s largest organ, and the layers of the skin go so far beyond what we see externally.

I have spent the last few years, since launching my skin care, educating myself, through research and certification programs, on how the skin functions from within, so that I can better help my clients achieve clear, glowing skin that ages gracefully.

“My business, my skin care line and my facial treatments are my passion shared with you!”

Rachel Devine – Holistic Aesthetician + Certified Skin Care Formulator

Both my skin care line and my facials are likely completely different from anything that you’ve ever experienced. I have certifications, knowledge and a lot of experience in a number of modalities, which I bring to my treatment room. By having a facial treatment with me, you’ll get to experience:

  • Customized products from my large selection of fresh, organic ingredients
  • Gua Sha (Nefeli Trained)
  • Facial Cupping
  • Connective Tissue Massage
  • Fascia
  • Neck Rejuvenation
  • Manual Lymph Drainage
  • Dien Chan Zone Facial Reflexology
  • Jaw Tension and TMJ Relief
  • Nervous System Focus
  • Advanced Foot Massage
  • Indian Scalp Massage

Each of the above modalities and treatments serve their own purpose to skin health, helping you take care of your skin from the inside out!

Awards That I’ve Won

  • 22 local Hamilton Reader’s Choice Awards via the Hamilton Community News and The Hamilton Spectator
  • Forty Under Forty Business Achievement Award
  • Alumni of Distinction Award from Mohawk College in the Entrepreneur Category
  • Runner Up for the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Achievement Awards in the Young Entrepreneur Category

Ten Other Facts About Me

  1. I was born and raised in the same neighbourhood that I live in now. In fact, my kids go to the same school that both my husband and I went to.
  2. I love travelling and seeing other parts of the world, although I do not do this as often as I used to.
  3. I’m an introverted home-body, but you’d never expect this when you see me when I’m working.
  4. I am passionate about helping others and am fortunate enough to have found my soul purpose in this life.
  5. Before becoming an Aesthetician, I went to the University of Western Ontario for Psychology. Being a highly sensitive person, I quickly realized this field would not be an ideal career for me, so left university after one year and came back to Hamilton to attend Mohawk College.
  6. My favourite thing to do when I am not working is spending time out in nature with my family. I love being outdoors!
  7. I have a huge phobia of centipedes.
  8. Our household loves having all day PJ days a couple of times a month.
  9. Gluten makes my skin breakout. I eat a vegan, gluten-free diet for its health benefits. My body feels best when I eat this way.
  10. I’m not fan of social media, so you won’t find me on any social platforms.