Organic Facials Hamilton, Ontario

Using the healing powers of plants and touch, I offer a deeply nurturing and nourishing facial experience in Hamilton, Ontario. Not only will you leave my spa radiantly glowing, you will also feel better deep within on a more mindful level.

You will notice below that I only offer one type of facial, offered as either a 60 minute treatment or a 90 minute treatment. I like to work intuitively, never performing the same facial twice. Once you’re on my facial bed, I examine your skin, and based on what you’ve told me and what I sense, see and feel, I select a unique experience that’s customized specifically for you. Sometimes this includes custom-made products from my large stock of fresh, organic ingredients. Sometimes it includes extra time spent on the massage because I can sense that you’ve been stressed, or I can tell that you need lymph drainage because of accumulation or blockages in your neck and face. This custom facial is tailored to exactly what it is that I know you need once you’re in my hands.

Please Note: My schedule books up about 4-6 weeks in advance. I kindly ask that you please keep this in mind when booking appointments and plan ahead to ensure the date and time you would like.

Facial Treatment Service Hours:
Wednesday 11am – 5pm
Friday 11am – 6pm

Facials Hamilton Ontario

Custom Holistic Facial $90

90 Minutes

This facial is custom-tailored just for you and is an extremely relaxing and healing experience. This treatment is different each time that I perform it, based on your individual needs. It is designed to improve the health of your skin, relax your mind and improve the state of your overall well-being through self care. Every 90 minute facial includes 40 minutes of facial massage, which works to drain lymph, stimulate blood flow, increase oxygen within the cells and release metabolic waste by relieving stress and tension. Also includes a hand and arm massage as well as a foot massage to stimulate circulation throughout the entire body, while also promoting a deep sense of relaxation.

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Mini Holistic Facial $70

60 Minutes

This facial is a shortened version of the above facial for those who are restricted for time or need a little TLC between full facial treatments. It is important to note that the additional time spent on the facial above will provide better results.

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Add-On Indian Scalp Massage $20

15 Minutes

Add this onto any facial treatment for the ultimate relaxing experience. Indian Scalp massage helps improve circulation of blood to the head and face, increases lymphatic drainage, reduces stress and anxiety and can boost memory capabilities.

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Skin Consultation $30

30 Minutes

Want to purchase skin care, but are unsure where to begin?  This consultation begins with a thorough skin analysis and can provide you with product recommendations and other advice for your unique skin. The $30 fee is redeemable in products.

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Organic Back Facial $80

60 Minutes

The perfect ritual for anyone who experiences acne on their back and shoulders. This relaxing back facial is customized for your unique needs and includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, a 30 minute relaxing Swedish Massage, treatment mask, and treatment serums.

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