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For years, the beauty industry has taught us that skin health can be achieved through topical products alone, but this can’t be further from the truth. While skin care products absolutely have their place in a healthy skin care routine, stimulating the skin’s natural processes from within is what really provides long-term skin health, much more effectively than forcing the skin to act in unnatural ways.

We strongly believe in resetting the skin’s natural, biological processes while encouraging this delicate organ to function on its own as its meant to. Combined with the power of self massage, your skin will be the healthiest that it’s ever been before. We promise!

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Most ingredients are certified organic. Some ingredients, like clay and salt are simply not available as organic.


All ingredients are 100% biodegradable. They are safe to use on your delicate skin, as well as wash down the drain.


Plastic can leak toxins. That's why glass is used to ensure products stay as clean and fresh as the day they're made.


All shipping and packaging materials are 100% recyclable and are often made from already recycled materials.


All of the ingredients that are used in my skin care products are always sourced from ethical, cruelty-free suppliers.