Product Freshness Guarantee

At R Devine Organic Skin Care, we pride ourselves on our product freshness guarantee. All of our products are 100% completely natural. Because of this, our products have a shorter shelf life than you’d expect with conventional skin care products (which can be up to 5 years or more).

All of our organic skin care products are made fresh to order, so you can be confident in knowing that when your order from our online shop, your products were hand-crafted specifically for you. Each product is made within one week of you receiving them in your hands. You don’t get this type of freshness in skin care anywhere else.

Best Before
Our products last anywhere from 12-18 months, depending on the product. You’ll find a batch number and a best before date sticker on the bottom of each product. This best before date is simply a guideline. Most of our products last beyond the best before date, as long as they are stored at room temperature or colder, and away from direct light. Just like the food we eat, you can tell if a product is still good beyond the best before date based on its scent. If it still smells like it did the first day you opened it, you can feel confident in using it beyond the best before date.

Storing Our Organic Skin Care Products
Natural ingredients, especially unrefined oils, are sensitive to light and heat. Our glass amber bottles were chosen specifically to help block some of the light coming in. To ensure freshness and optimal efficacy of our products, we recommend that our products be stored away from moisture, heat and direct light. Storing our products this way will ensure that the ingredients maintain their freshness for their entire shelf life.

Purchasing from Our Wholesale Partners
We work with a very small number of select, dedicated, and passionate wholesale partners. Each of our wholesale partners are required to order our products in small batches to ensure our product freshness guarantee is achieved when you purchase our skin care products from each of them. It is highly recommended that all of our wholesale partners sell our products within 3 months of receiving them to ensure each and every client receives fresh products, while also ensuring that each product can be used up in its entirety prior to the best before date.