Self Massage for Clear Skin Workshop (Virtual)


If you experience acne, rosacea, skin inflammation or congestion on your face, this workshop will teach you how to stimulate your skin’s lymphatic system for increased detoxification and skin immunity.

This massage can be performed daily on its own, or combination with our Daily Self Massage for Healthy Skin.

For best results, use in combination with our Skin ReSet Kit.



Get a sneak peak into this workshop by listening to the audio recording for it here:

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This particular massage only works the chest, neck and jawline, not the face, because when it comes to skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea and skin inflammation, we need to work directly with the lymphatic system, which is the drainage system of the body. One-third of our body’s lymphatic ducts are located between the upper chest and the lower ear. This area is vital to work in order to help reduce skin conditions.

All skin condition are caused by specific bacteria in the body. When our lymphatic system is functioning optimally, the lymphatic system helps take care of this bacteria for us. However, when our lymphatic system becomes stagnant, that bacteria causes congestion in the skin, where the bacteria starts to grow and reproduce. Eventually, this stagnation causes the body to start pushing the bacteria through the skin’s surface in attempt to rid your body of it. This is when skin conditions occur. It’s your body’s way of trying to communicate with you that its main detoxification pathways are backed up, so it is using your skin to detox this bacteria instead.

This workshop includes two videos:
Video 1 – The Full Massage Routine
Video 2 – A Shortened Massage Routine for busy days when you may not have time for the massage

Please listen to the audio recording above to help you further understand what’s going on with your skin and how this massage works to help clear your skin and improve its detoxification from the inside-out.


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