Rhassoul Clay: The Cleansing Clay

Rhassoul Clay, also known as Ghassoul Clay, is a unique, mineral-rich clay that has multiple uses in skin care. It only comes from one place in the world, which is the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco. 

For centuries, the Moroccan women have used Rhassoul Clay as a multi-purpose beauty ingredient. This unique clay is a cleansing clay and can be used as a soap to clean the entire body, including hair. Moroccan women use it as a shampoo, facial cleanser and body cleanser.

Rhassoul Clay R Devine Organic Skin Care Canada

High in Minerals

Rhassoul contains higher amounts of silica, magnesium, potassium and calcium than other clays. Most clays tend to be very drying for the skin and hair but Rhassoul is a moisturizing clay, which makes it unique and highly effective in skin care. 

Improves Acne

Because it works effective for all skin types rhassoul clay is very popular within the spa industry. In oily, acne-prone skin, it draws toxins and absorbs excess oil. It is also known to reduce the appearance of pores.

Improves Elasticity 

In dry and sensitive skin types, rhassoul clay reduces dryness and flaking, while also improving the skins clarity, elasticity and texture. 

Good for Sensitive Skin, Including Rosacea

Lastly, Rhassoul clay is good for even the most sensitive skin types, including rosacea and dermatitis.

Because of its multi-purpose benefits and impressive effectiveness, it’s easy to see why this is ingredient creates such a unique ritual among the Moroccan women.

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