Why Self Care is Not a Trend

I am officially back from my vacation!

Each year, my husband and I rent a cottage on Lake Huron and take the kids on a little family road trip.  We’ve been doing this each year since my son was born, so it’s become an annual tradition for us.

Up until last year, we’ve always rented a cottage in the same spot, but we decided to rent a different cottage this year, which sent our kids into panic mode at first (they’re not big fans of change), but as soon as we pulled up and went around the back of the cottage, we knew we made a good choice.  Here was our view from the kitchen window last week:

We had our own private beach, full of sand and the water was only waist deep for the kids about 100 feet out.  It was perfect!

My vacation as a whole seemed a little different this year, and here’s why…

I Realized Something Before We Went Away…

The past several years, I overworked myself all year round, and come time for our vacation each year, I desperately needed a break.  My vacation couldn’t ever seem to come fast enough, and it certainly never lasted long enough.  A week away was never enough time to relax and recuperate so I’d come back from vacation, happy to be home, but always still feeling exhausted.

So How Was This Year Different?

As you know, this past year for me has been all about self care.  I stopped chasing the success that society pressures business owners into, I scaled back what was no longer serving me, gave myself a lot more space in my schedule for what lights my fire, have been putting (a whole) less pressure on myself, and then… I closed my social media accounts.

This year, I wasn’t desperate to get away. I was definitely excited to spend a full week away with my family, but this year was different because I didn’t leave feeling exhausted. I was able to fully relax and enjoy myself, and now I feel recharged and so inspired to implement some of those ideas that I mentioned in my email to you last week.

Which Brings Me To Why I Do What I Do…

I have seen in my own life what happens when you let go of what you “should” be doing, and put your own needs before everything else.  Life is short, so we shouldn’t be spending it on things that we don’t enjoy, that overwhelm us or make us unhappy.  I want you to experience the ease that I have found through self care and that’s why I focus so much of my effort on trying to inspire those around me to experience the same.

I know that self care seems to be a little trendy lately… we’ve all seen the “you can’t pour from an empty cup” meme so many times that you probably just scroll right past it now without even thinking twice about it.

I want everyone that I connect with to learn the importance and true value that self care creates.  It’s more than a hot bath at the end of the day (although that is my favourite self care ritual).  It’s about continuously pivoting throughout your life, making the necessary changes to reduce stress and overwhelm, and allow yourself to find some real peace and happiness. It’s about asking for help before it’s even necessary, saying no even when society tells you that you should be saying yes (like get togethers that cause you anxiety or things like social media if it’s not serving you).

This is the exact reason why R Devine Skin Care is so focused around self care. Because when we truly take care of ourselves from every aspect of our lives, when we learn to love and fully respect ourselves, this short life that we live on this planet becomes so much more enjoyable, and I want that for you, too 💜


About Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is a multi award-winning holistic aesthetician and the founder and skin care formulator of R Devine Organic Skin Care.