Sensitive + Rosacea-Prone Skin

Sensitive skin and rosacea are both skin conditions rather than skin types.  I often tell clients who tell me that they have “sensitive skin” that their skin likely isn’t sensitive.  Skin sensitivity is often caused either by the synthetic ingredients, found in most conventional products, or by an internal issue, such as a food intolerance.  When it comes to sensitive, rosacea-prone skin, the “less is best” method is your best choice for treating the skin.


Sensitive skin is often red, warm and irritated.  It reacts very easily to different products, ingredients as well as foods (internal).

When treating sensitive skin, it is important to use high-quality ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and healing properties.  These ingredients help to strengthen, calm and heal the skin, while also reducing redness. Using a high-quality facial oil cleanser and serum, that are formulated with oils that closely mimic the skin’s natural oils, feeds our skin with the oils that it needs in order to function properly.  Raw, unrefined plant oils are also extremely high in vitamins and essential fatty acids (EFA’s) that nourish our skin and encourage it to be healthier.

When formulating R Devine Skin Care, I meticulously chose ingredients that would calm and soothe sensitive, rosacea-prone skin.  When combined, these organic ingredients effectively cleanse the skin, nourish the skin cells with vital nutrients, stimulate cell oxygenation, and strengthen and heal the skin, all while ensuring optimal levels of hydration so that the skin functions optimally.


Morning Ritual:

  • Wash your face with Sacred Calm. Remove with a cool, damp face cloth or cotton pad.
  • Apply 5 drops of Sacred Calm to damp skin on face and neck. Tip: This is a fast-absorbing oil. It should be completely absorbed into your skin after 5-10 minutes. If after this time passes, your skin feels oily, try using less oil, and vice versa if your skin feels tight.

Evening Ritual:

  • Remove your makeup with Sacred Garden Makeup Remover. Put a few drops on your fingertips and massage onto face to loosen makeup. Remove with a cotton pad (no water needed).
  • Now that makeup is removed, wash your face with Sacred Calm. Remove with cool, damp cloth or cotton pad.
  • Apply one drop of Bright Soul Hydrating Eye Serum to each eye.
  • Apply 3-10 drops of Sacred Calm to damp skin on face and neck.