Should I Change My Skin Care Routine During Winter?

Are you seeing a lot of posts and ads on social media about how you need to change your skin care routine for the Winter months?

I give you permission to save your money and ignore those messages. It’s all marketing. If we’re treating the skin based on its own natural processes, we don’t need to change much.

Why don’t we need to fully change our skin care routine?

Because it’s the skin itself that determines its level of hydration. Drinking water and eating high water food (fruits and veggies) definitely helps, but here’s the thing…

Your skin needs to be in direct contact with its environment. When you allow this to happen, your skin will continuously measure the level of humidity in the air and act accordingly. When the air becomes dry, your skin will begin producing extra oil (this is actually good, not bad) and get all of those natural moisturizing factors working their magic to hydrate itself.

When we’re slathering thick products on our skin continuously, how can your skin possibly measure the air’s humidity levels?

It can’t!

So your skin will not know to increase its own hydration levels, causing a dependency on those rich products, creating chronically dry/dehydrated skin that’s caused because of skin care products, not the skin itself or the weather.

What about Exfoliation?

You’ll also likely read about how as soon as Fall and Winter comes, you need to increase exfoliation. This is also not true! Those top layers of dead skin cells are there to lock moisture in. They also have a really important job of protecting the dermis layer of the skin, especially as we age. Remove them through exfoliation, and you’ll experience trans-epidermal water loss. What is trans-epidermal water loss? Water literally evaporating from your body and skin, leaving you with dehydrated skin.

My clients always shocked when I tell them to stop exfoliating for a few months and watch their skin hydration improve. It’s mind blowing to watch and see the skin improve. I wish I was taught this fact in school, or at least learned this skin tip WAY sooner than I did.

What to do while you wait for the transition

If your skin feels like it has a buildup on it, massage your face, don’t exfoliate it. I promise this will work way better in the long run. I have free massage tutorials on my website, on my YouTube channel and also on Instagram, so please take advantage of them. It’s how active our lymphatic system is that actually determines how well our cells turnover. It’s the skin’s decision when to get rid of those cells, not ours. The skin is an organ. It knows how to function without us forcing it. Trust it!


About Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is the founder and skin care formulator of R Devine Organic Skin Care. With a passion and deep understanding of the skin from the inside-out, Rachel goes against beauty industry standards to treat the skin from a holistic, whole-body approach, with focus on the nervous system and lymphatic system in particular. Rather than forcing the skin to act in unnatural ways like most skin care lines, R Devine Skin Care supports the skin's natural processes. The skin is the body's largest organ and it's important to respect that. Rachel is also a certified breathwork coach and guided meditation teacher. She believes the mind-body-soul alignment is vital for both skin health and overall full body health.