The Emotional and Physical Connection

There is a definite relationship between our mental and physical health. We know and understand that stress and trauma are stored physically inside of the body. You can see it and feel it in our posture, tension and the vast amount of stress-related illnesses and diseases in our modern world.

Skin Conditions

A lot of the skin conditions and signs of premature aging that I see in my treatment room are often related to stress. Long-term, chronic stress and unresolved trauma create an imbalance within all of the systems of the body.

Stored Stress and Trauma

When stress builds up inside of the brain, the brain will work to release this stress, creating pathways where it sends tension and then stores it in specific parts of the body. Our emotions are continuously transmitted on a biochemical level inside of our body and are then stored throughout the body, especially in the fascia/connective tissues. Long term stress and unresolved trauma and emotions will create chronic tension within the body.

Releasing Stored Emotions Through Massage

When we look deeply into this interconnection, we understand that while the mind does affect the body, the reverse can also occur and we can encourage the body to affect the mind. It is believed that by addressing these emotional patterns through specific movements, like connective tissue massage, that we can release some of the emotional stress and trauma that’s being stored there.

The connective tissue and fascia require slow stretches to re-shape these tissues. When we do this, you re-arrange the patterns within the body, which can often cause a strong emotional reaction. Because of this, it is common to have a release either during or after experiencing connective tissue massage of the face and neck. Unexplained crying is completely normal. I’ve had clients cry during their connective tissue massage and they don’t understand why they’re even crying until I explain this. Or for those who don’t experience this, vivid dreams may occur when they go to sleep that night, which is another way that the subconscious mind and body will release stored stress and emotions.

This very intricate, relaxing massage, can provide the opportunity for both physical and emotional restoration to take place, which is one of the many reasons people feel so amazing after experiencing this massage technique.


About Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is a multi award-winning holistic aesthetician and the founder and skin care formulator of R Devine Organic Skin Care.