Why You Can’t Depend On Skin Care Alone

How many of you do I drive crazy when I talk to you about how internal health is just as important, if not more important, than external care?I know it sounds kind of strange… the aesthetician who makes holistic skin care products tells people that internal health might need to come before external care (aka her products).

You see, unlike the beauty industry, if you have a skin condition like acne, rosacea, severely dry skin or even premature aging, I won’t give you false hope in order to make a sale. I’ll give you realistic advice that will heal and change your skin, even if it doesn’t involve my products in that moment. Topical skin care is an extremely important part of any skin care goal, but it’s not the only part to the solution. True holistic skin care takes an internal AND external approach.

The internal health of the skin is complex and can be extremely complicated if you’re trying to figure it out on your own. It’s about much more than your daily diet. It’s about your gut health, your gut flora. It’s about your hormones and your reproductive health. It’s about your quality of sleep, your consistency in exercise, your levels of stress, and whether or not you have vitamin or mineral deficiencies. It can be oxidative damage or a food intolerance.

When we try to treat skin conditions externally through skin care products alone, these internal imbalances cannot be healed and will still exist, resulting in continuous disappointment with each new skin care product that you try.  It is not until we find the root cause of the skin condition, then treat and heal that cause, plus use topical products to enhance the skin, that we can begin to have long-term results with our skin.

I know that life would be so much easier if there were magic products that could clear your issues without having to do any other work. After all, the beauty industry promises it, right?

But I won’t.

I genuinely want to help you clear your skin. I want you to find the root cause of your skin issues and not just stick a topical bandaid on the problem.

I want you to feel confident in your skin. I want you to take care of yourself.

Why do I want that so much beyond even my own business?

Because when your body is balanced and you’re eating healthy, sleeping well and can manage stress in a healthy way, life becomes pretty amazing. You can handle almost anything that gets thrown at you when you’re healthy and feeling good about yourself. You’ll be confident enough to put up with a whole lot less garbage in your life, too.

If you are experiencing acne, rosacea, severely dry skin, premature aging or any other skin condition, I can assure you that your body is trying to tell you that something inside of you is out of balance.  Your skin goes far beyond appearance. It’s your body’s largest organ.  We need to nourish it inside and out, treat it and respect it. It is so important that you learn to listen to your body in order to live a long, healthy life.

If you would like some help or guidance with clearing up your skin condition, I would love for you to reach out to me or one of my spa partners.




About Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is an award-winning holistic aesthetician and the founder of R Devine Skin Care. She strongly believes in the importance of self care, self love, and taking a full holistic approach to skin care - taking care of yourself from both the inside and out. Rachel is a wife, a mom to two cuties and loves spending time out in nature.