Your Flaws Are NOT How You Perceive Them

There’s a strong subconscious connection between our daily habits and our level of self worth. I see this all the time in my business. Women will complain about their skin, but then mention how they don’t have time to care for it, or they don’t have time to make healthy meals in order to avoid the foods causing their skin conditions. 

How we perceive ourselves is how we will treat ourselves at a subconscious level. If we view ourselves negatively, we will subconsciously develop habits that are bad for us. The subconscious mind is a POWERFUL thing and until we can reprogram our mind, our habits will remain the same.

Working with women for so many years, I continuously see a lack of self worth in so many amazing women that they don’t even realize is there. It makes me sad every time. I have so many beautiful clients who I feel so honoured to work with, and yet they don’t see in themselves what I see in them. All they see are their flaws.

The beauty industry has brain washed women into creating unrealistic expectations of ourselves, giving so many of us low self esteem and low self worth. Flipping through the October issue of Real Simple Magazine last week, I saw two ads about fighting aging in the first 12 pages. It’s no wonder we feel crummy about ourselves as we begin to age. Instead of creating good habits to work with the body, so many women desperately develop bad habits that actually accelerate what it is that they are fighting. Like the saying goes, “what we focus on, persists”.

These “flaws” that we see in ourselves cause us to assume that people are judging us based on those flaws, but often times, we are judging ourselves far more than other people are judging us. I can pretty much guarantee that whatever you feel poorly about in your self image, no one else notices. We judge ourselves so harshly. If you don’t agree with me, pay attention to your internal voice when you look at yourself in the mirror first thing after you wake up tomorrow morning m. Chances are, your subconscious mind is pointing out what’s wrong in the mirror without you even realizing it. Let’s work to change that inner voice to a positive one.

I want to remind you today that you are not who anyone else thinks you are… You are only who YOU think you are. Each time you look in the mirror and catch yourself picking apart your flaws, say “STOP” out loud. Then look for 3 things that you like about yourself so that you can begin to start focusing on the positive aspects of yourself more often.

To go even further, women empower other women.  So, let’s lift each other up and judge a little less. The next time you notice something positive about someone, make sure to say it out loud and tell that person.  A simple compliment can make someone feel really good, and each and every one of us deserve that!


About Rachel Devine

Rachel Devine is the founder and skin care formulator of R Devine Organic Skin Care. With a passion and deep understanding of the skin from the inside-out, Rachel goes against beauty industry standards to treat the skin from a holistic, whole-body approach, with focus on the nervous system and lymphatic system in particular. Rather than forcing the skin to act in unnatural ways like most skin care lines, R Devine Skin Care supports the skin's natural processes. The skin is the body's largest organ and it's important to respect that. Rachel is also a certified breathwork coach and guided meditation teacher. She believes the mind-body-soul alignment is vital for both skin health and overall full body health.